How long does it take to get Bulgarian citizenship by investment program?

Sunny Bulgaria among Russians is perceived as a country of rest, and not for permanent residence. However, there are those who prefer to immigrate to the Republic. They remember that Bulgaria is part of the European Union, and its resort status brings considerable sums to the state budget. The standard of living in Bulgaria is high, and it is not difficult to obtain its citizenship.

Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Program 2019

To immigrate to Bulgaria for permanent residence you need to know on what grounds it is possible and under what conditions.

The first – Bulgaria, while remaining a member of the European Union, has not yet signed the Schengen Agreement. You can enter into its territory with a national Bulgarian visa or with a double/multiple Schengen visas of the EU member state of Schengen.

Secondly, short-term tourist visas are not suitable for immigration to Bulgaria. To do this, issued a long stay visa. With these permits, you can stay in the country for 6-12 months. For a long-term visa, contact the consular department at the Bulgarian embassy in Moscow or St. Petersburg. The term of consideration of the application – from 30 calendar days.

In this case, the Russian, applying for Bulgarian permanent residence, must meet the following requirements (especially when immigration in the order of naturalization):

  • Age of majority;
  • Living in the country for at least 5 years. The term is reduced to three if:
    • the applicant is married to a Bulgarian citizen/resident;
    • the applicant from the Russian Federation has a child born of a Bulgarian citizen/resident;
    • the applicant is the parent of a Bulgarian citizen;
  • No criminal record;
  • No health problems;
  • Knowledge of the Bulgarian language at the required level;
  • Denial of Russian citizenship.

On what grounds can you move to Bulgaria for permanent residence (get a resident card) and then obtain citizenship:

  • when entering into a marriage with a Bulgarian resident/citizen (it is necessary to live in a marriage union for at least 5 years);
  • if the applicant is a child of a Bulgarian resident/citizen;
  • if the applicant is the parent of a minor Bulgarian citizen;
  • by investing in the country’s economy on a large scale (about half a million euros), this makes it possible to apply for the country’s citizenship instantly, without a long wait;
  • if there are special merits before the EU state of an economic, social, scientific, cultural or sport character;
  • if you have special merits to the country concerning the issue of national or world security;
  • in order to obtain political asylum (living in refugee status for at least 5 years);
  • living under the protection of a humanitarian program for at least three years;
  • living under temporary protection.

In most cases, in order to confirm the right to receive Bulgarian permanent residence, it is necessary to pass an interview in the migration authorities.

With family reunion

Reunion of relatives is one of the main ways of obtaining Bulgarian resident status and obtaining a Bulgarian passport by a foreign citizen. At the same time, it is not possible to move permanently to grandmother/grandfather, cousins/sisters and other distant relatives. Immigration is possible only to spouses, parents or children who are residents (holders of a residence permit / permanent residence) or citizens of Bulgaria.

By origin

In accordance with Article 15 of the Bulgarian Law on Citizenship, ethnic Bulgarians may apply for Bulgarian citizenship in the first place. Its origin must be confirmed by the Bulgarian Agency for the Affairs of the Bulgarians Abroad. It is required to document the fact of the presence of Bulgarian roots.

At marriage

Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship through marriage with a citizen/resident of the country is a common practice. And, in view of the prevalence of fictitious marriages, spouses are required to provide documentary evidence of long-term relationships, including confirmation of the fact of cohabitation. Children – native or taken under guardianship – a serious argument in favor of the applicant.

For real estate investments

Wealthy Russians may wonder whether it is possible to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria when buying property? The answer is yes, but on the condition that the property being purchased is worth about half a million euros, or more. Contributions can be made not only in real estate but also in enterprises (business investment).

When studying

Foreign students enrolled in a Bulgarian university may also, potentially, obtain citizenship of this state of the European Union, but there are some peculiarities.

First of all, the time during which the foreigner received an education is not counted as a period of stay. That is if for receiving permanent residence you need to live in the country for 5 years, then at the end of 5 years of study, the student cannot apply for this status. For this, he must be employed and work in his specialty during the aforementioned term.

How long does it take to get citizenship?

The total period of legal residence on the territory of Bulgaria, which is required for obtaining citizenship of this country, on average, is from 8 to 10 years. This period consists of three main stages.

The first is a stay in Bulgaria with a long stay visa. This authorization document is valid, usually, from 6 to 12 months, and the granted rights are almost the same as a residence permit. As a rule, it is issued by students and contract workers. Pensioners can only get it if they have relatives or friends who will provide them with accommodation for the duration of the trip.

The second stage – registration of permanent residence. The conditions and grounds for obtaining it are listed above, but it should be noted that without acquired or at least leased property, this status is almost impossible to obtain.

The third stage is directly obtaining citizenship. This is possible only after 5 years of residence in Bulgaria in the status of a resident (with permanent residence). In some cases mentioned earlier, this period is reduced to 3 years.

Do I need to refuse a Russian passport?

Another topical question for immigrants from the Russian Federation: is it possible to have dual citizenship Russia-Bulgaria? The answer is no. Migration legislation requires applicants of Bulgarian passports to renounce their previous citizenship, and for Russians, there are no exceptions.

The only categories of applicants who are allowed to keep a Russian passport are ethnic Bulgarians and foreign investors.

Required documents

When immigration to Bulgaria, the collection of documentation is one of the most important components of the whole procedure. The absence of any one certificate or certificate will not necessarily lead to failure, but this will slow down the whole process. Therefore, it is better to know in advance what is required to prepare for submission.

The list of documents for obtaining permanent residence and citizenship of Bulgaria (differences in the lists are present but insignificant, so it is best to collect all the information below):

  • The application form completed and signed by the applicant;
  • Passport valid for at least one and a half years from the date of application;
  • Applicant’s autobiography (brief);
  • Photocopies of all RF passport pages with information;
  • Photocopies of all pages of the passport with information;
  • One passport-size photograph that meets all migration requirements (sizes 3.5 by 4.5 cm, color image, no processing in graphics editors, etc.);
  • Paper confirming that the applicant has housing in Bulgaria:
    • lease contract;
    • a photocopy of the notarial deed of ownership, certified by the embassy of the country;
  • Bank statement in the amount of not less than 1800 Bulgarian Lev. This is the country’s six minimum wages;
  • Medical insurance for 30 thousand euros;
  • Certificates from medical institutions about the applicant’s absence of contagious and psychiatric diseases, disability;
  • Certificate of good conduct.

Additional lists of documents, depending on the basis of immigration to Bulgaria:

  • Employment:
    • permission to work;
    • employment contract concluded with a Bulgarian employer;
    • letter of guarantee from the Bulgarian employer, confirming the fact of the content of the applicant;
  • Entrepreneurship (with the creation of at least ten jobs for Bulgarian citizens):
    • a certificate confirming the fact of registration of an enterprise in the Bulgarian trade register (can be replaced by a certificate on the status of a company with a 3-month validity period);
    • certificate of payment of all state taxes, which also confirms the fact of hiring at least ten citizens of Bulgaria;
    • certificate confirming the employment of at least ten Bulgarian citizens in the company at the moment;
  • Marriage:
    • permission from the Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the reunification of spouses;
    • certificates, certificates, contracts, and other documentation confirming that the inviting party lives in Bulgaria on a legal basis;
    • marriage certificate (original and translation);
    • child’s birth certificate (original and translation);
  • Reunion with a relative:
    • certificates and certificates confirming the relationship of the applicant with the resident/citizen of Bulgaria;
  • Relocation of a financially secure retiree:
    • confirmation of the financial independence of the applicant;
    • an extract from the Bulgarian bank, which confirms the possibility for the applicant to receive his pension from Russia;
  • Relocation of students in schools or higher education institutions:
    • confirmation that the applicant is enrolled in an educational institution;
    • receipt of full payment of the study period;
    • if the applicant is a minor – permission from both parents to travel abroad.

It should be remembered that each case of relocation is an individual one, and there is always a chance that additional documents or an interview may be required.

Also, the above documents are submitted to the Ministry of Justice, to the department of Bulgarian citizenship and, if among them there are certificates and certificates issued not in the Bulgarian language, they need to be translated and legalized.

Term and cost

Terms of consideration of an application for registration of Bulgarian citizenship are highly dependent on the basis of the trip, the list of documents provided, even the physical and mental health of the applicant affects this. On average, this procedure takes 2-3 years. The minimum period is 12 months. An exception is made only for investors for whom the waiting period is minimal, and a Bulgarian passport is made in just a few weeks.

The cost is also strictly individual. The main expenses are for lawyers and translators when preparing and translating documents. Also often need to pay a registration fee.

An alternative option to live and work in Bulgaria legally

Among the countries of the European Union, Bulgaria is not the strictest in terms of requirements for applicants for its passports. However, if the applicant does not have relatives among the Bulgarians and he does not have significant funds for immigration through investments in the country’s economy, it is not very easy for him to obtain Bulgarian citizenship.

Alternatively, you can resort to the procedure of registration of Romanian citizenship. Both Bulgaria and Romania are part of the European Union. This means that having obtained the citizenship of one state, you can freely live, learn and work in the territory of another.

Under standard conditions, Romania’s passport can be obtained 1.5-2 years faster, and with lower financial costs. At the same time, the requirements here are even less stringent, even in comparison with Bulgaria. In addition, regardless of the basis of immigration, the applicant can keep his former passport.

Finally, a Russian, who has relatives up to the 3rd generation, who lived on the territory of Romania in 1918-1940 for legal reasons, can apply for a Romanian passport in a simplified procedure. This means that by issuing a national long-term visa, you can immediately apply for citizenship of Romania. Of course, this requires the provision of evidence confirming family ties and the fact of residence in the country in the above period. But as a result, the procedure becomes even cheaper and can be completed in a half to two years.

The key to the SXXI company: "Competitive innovation" How do tax deductions help?

Image result for tax deduction In the critical dates in which we find ourselves, it is very important to understand how tax deductions for R & D & I work , since they are the ones that will allow us to deduct ourselves in Base Tax. That the company does not expect to invent blue milk or send a rocket to Mars, many times we find customers who do R + D + i and they themselves are not aware that they do it. The first step for the company is to know what it does R + D + i in order to take advantage of the battery of aid available in the national framework.

A change of trend has been observed in R & D & I incentive policies by the Spanish executive. After the debt crisis, the almost disappearing subsidies have been seen in the national aid map. By making an objective analysis, this approach is logical, since in the end a subsidy computes as a state deficit and subsequently increases the debt.

The R & D incentive policies have gone from, instead of entering money through a subsidy, not paying it thanks to the deduction associated with those expenses and this in turn has been enhanced.

There is legal coverage (based on Royal Decree 1432 ), which allows the company to obtain a legal guarantee from the Ministry of Finance, thanks to a binding report issued by the Ministry of Economy . At first there was fear for this type of deductions, since subjective facts are difficult to evaluate and thanks to this procedure the company saves the uncertainty associated with a possible inspection.
The amounts to be deducted per project (and that concept is key), are high. From 12% for Technological Innovation projects (the only country in Europe that gives priority to IT), up to an interval between 25-42% for R & D. From our experience we know that a project consists of R & D, IT and even some activities that are not R & D but that are necessary to execute the company’s purpose.

There are “extra” sections. For those companies that exclusively dedicate R & D personnel to 17% of the cost of this personnel, including Social Security Bonuses of 40% of the salary for common contingencies of people included in an R + D + i Unit . These two measures can even be complementary for companies that have the category of Innovative SME .

Imagine even having an R & D Department generating commercial value thanks to innovations made by them, but imagine that in addition that same department can benefit from this whole battery of tax aid at the same time and maximize it. It is the new concept of a 21st century company, ” Competitive innovation “. Do R & D in the most efficient way possible.

Loans from bad credit ratings

Image result for Loans for bad credit ratingsIt’s no secret that a lot of Canadians have bad credit, for a number of reasons. As a result of the economic hardship in North America, individuals with poor credit ratings were struggling to be approved for loans or credit.

Fortunately, for many, the modern financial system has removed the harsh guidelines of the past and it is no longer so difficult for those with bad credit to get a loan. There are several different types of credit and loans that are designed specifically for people who
do not have a very outstanding credit rating. First, if you have a bad credit rating, you should consider applying for a personal loan. The type of structure connected with this loan is more frequently employed by those with bad credit because these loans are designed for those
who wish to settle their financial requirements that are both urgent and personal. Personal loan is the most requested bad credit loan in Canada because the application for it is easily accessible online.

Secondly, those who have bad credit have also placed car loans in great demand. Auto loans have become really popular because of the wide range of problems they can solve. When an application is completed for a car loan, individuals who have bad credit will probably have to explain in detail why they need the loan. This loan could be used for the repair, acquisition of the car title, or even a loan to buy the car.

A car loan is very similar to a payday loan since both applications have instant delivery, and your request or request passes through the system successfully in just one or two days. Payday loans are the third most common type of loan that is structured to accommodate people with bad credit in Canada.

A payday loan is intended specifically for individuals who have bad credit, but who have some kind of job. Payday loans, like a car loan, have an extremely fast approval system, making them suitable for an individual who is in an emergency financial situation.

Lastly, there are debt consolidation loans for people who would like to collect all their debts in one account to govern them more easily. A debt consolidation loan is offered to a person who has bad credit who absolutely wants to pay off his debts and who would seek an easy and effective solution to consolidate his concerns in one place. Debt consolidation loans are very pleasant for borrowers because they often come with very competitive repayment terms.

5 Habits you must have if you are an enterprising woman

The path of entrepreneurship is full of lessons, surprises and unexpected turns. Your daily activities are what define the direction of this path, and if you manage to take control over your habits you can direct your actions towards success in a much simpler and more accurate way.

Are you ready to take the course of your career as an entrepreneur? Write down these 5 habits that make an enterprising woman a successful woman.

Image result for female entrepreneur

Set schedules

Get up early, exercise and all those things that keep you active and motivated enter the list of those habits that build a success story.

Make a weekly schedule in which you schedule each of your activities, give yourself time to work, but also to take a break, live with your family and perform household chores. The better you organize yourself, you can optimize your time and efforts at the beginning of your new business.

Never stop investigatingImage result for investigating

Investigate, investigate and when you think you already know everything, go back to investigate. Habits of consumption, analysis of competition, trends, statistics, news, finances … everything is useful and it is never enough.

Remember that now you are the owner of a company, and no matter how small, you must be informed about everything that happens around it. In this way you can make much more accurate decisions. Learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs, your competitors and your customers.

Keep an open mind

We all have ideals and beliefs. When it comes to entrepreneurship, we often have to change our way of thinking and be flexible about our ideas. Eye: We are not talking about going against the values ​​of your new company, we mean that you must put aside some preconceived ideas in order to make much more effective decisions.

This step follows the long process of investigation, since it does not matter how much you investigate if you are not willing to let all that information enter your system. The perfect combination is solid values, flexible mind. Take it into account.

Consider short and medium term goals

Set weekly, monthly and annual goals. But much more than that, do not lose sight of them! Take a pencil and paper, write down your goals and keep them in sight.

If you manage to focus on meeting one goal at a time, it is more likely that you will see growth and results in less time. Take care that your short-term goals connect with long-term ones. Be congruent and realistic with your times.

Be realistic in your financial projectionsRelated image

It is good to be optimistic, but we must also base our optimism on our real situation. Make numbers, record your income and control the expenses of your company. Separate them from your personal expenses.

With these numbers you can project the growth of your business, know when it is time to save and at what time it is convenient to invest. The more realistic you are, you will close the path to frustration and open the way to success.

10 practical ideas to save on your trip

Are you looking to reduce expenses in your next trips? You are reading the right article. The fact that a trip is cheap does not mean it is bad. It is about finding quality products and services at the best price. So, if you have a tight budget or just want to save, here are several savings tips that you can try on any of your trips.

1. Search for tour packages and reserve in advanceImage result for reservation

If you find an offer for a package of accommodation and transportation, do not miss the time and reserve it. It is very likely that the price increases, especially in high season. In addition, the packages that have a super price finish faster and if you leave it for the last moment, there will be no availability and, therefore, you must book your trip in another way and probably have to spend more.

Hence, the importance of making your purchases with time, although for this you should always keep abreast of prices. Bestday offers constant promotions for each season, do not waste them.

2. Travel in a group

Another option to achieve excellent savings is to travel as a group, or, since you have reached your destination, you can join other travelers with the same interests. You can access very good offers, from renting a house among all, get discounts (in transport, tickets to museums or parks) and even share expenses on food.

3. Avoid buying bottled water

This advice applies to all those small unnecessary expenses, which are due to a lack of planning. The case of bottled water is one of the most representative during travel. In general, we are very active and we consume more this liquid, then we end up buying water at higher prices.

So, always bring a bottle of water that you can fill, either in the hotel, in public drinking fountains or in establishments that allow it. Although buying a bottle of water may seem cheap, if you do it several times, it can result in a significant cost. In addition, a bottle of water is not always cheap, in some European countries, a bottle of water can cost you between 3 and 5 euros.

Image result for coupons

4. Take coupons

Before leaving the hotel, check online for discounts at restaurants or entertainment centers. It is true that, in Mexico, there are not many options as in other countries, but there are pages such as Groupon or ClickOnero, which offer coupons that can be used nationally.

5. Prepare your food

In some hotels, you can book rooms with a kitchenette and take advantage of it to prepare your food. You can go to the supermarket and prepare breakfast and a snack for lunch and eat in restaurants only once a day. If you do this, you can increase your budget for restaurants and even if you only eat there once a day, you could do it in higher places.

Another option is to book hotels with breakfast included and take advantage of it, to spend on meals out once or twice a day.

6. Eat like a local

Explore beyond the tourist area, where it is generally more expensive, look for a market or an informal position. This option is a perfect opportunity to discover new flavors, and if you have the spirit of a chef, you can add recipes to your gastronomic repertoire and show them to your friends when you return home.Image result for local bar

7. Take snacks

Since you pack, you should not forget to bring energetic bars, chocolates, nuts or other seeds. When the money is limited, you will see that they are very useful, since they can be the complement of a light meal and you will avoid running out of energy.

8. Talk to the inhabitants of the place

They will help you distinguish low-cost places and identify the experiences that you deem necessary. Ask them all you can, talking with locals can be one of the most enjoyable moments of your trip, as well as making friends, you know their way of thinking and acting. Thus, you will not be a visitor anymore, you will be part of the community.

9. Look for free entertainment activities

In many cities we can find shows of free entry, so you can surely locate an option in your destination, either in public squares, museums, galleries or other tourist attractions

Related image

10. Stick to your budget

The easiest way to save is to create a budget because you know what and how much you can spend. Thus, you can calculate the amount destined for each detail of the trip. Stick to your budget and do not beat it or, at least, not by much. It could be a little complicated to keep track of every payment you make in your trips, that’s why there are platforms like Finerio .

Finerio is the first personal finance platform in Mexico, which allows you to link your bank cards to have all your information in one place. Download the app and create budgets for your trips. You can create specific budgets and each time you make a card expense, Finerio will register the transaction and add it to the corresponding budget, so you can see how much you have spent without doing any manual work, rather than recording your expenses in cash. In addition to everything, Finerio is totally free.

If you want to travel, applying these ideas you can reduce your budget and travel whenever you want, without the money represents an impediment. Saving on your trips can even allow you to seek new experiences, meet other people and try new flavors. The most important thing is that you enjoy the adventure. If you have more savings tips during trips, do not hesitate to share them.

Insurance Plan Insured (PPA) versus Individual Plan for Systematic Savings (PIAS) What are the differences and advantages?

Image result for insuranceThe economic recovery, with all its positive points, is showing a not-so-good face when it comes to saving. The percentage of disposable income left to Spanish households after paying their taxes is only 6.1%, which is the lowest level since the beginning of 2008 and half the average of the Eurozone (12.01% ), according to the latest statistics from the INE and Eurostat . The difference is remarkable when compared with countries such as Germany, which exceeds 17% or France where it approaches 14%.


All this makes it more essential to encourage savings for all types of needs: from those that are more short-term, to unforeseen or small projects, where products such as savings insurance are a great alternative or longer in the long term where retirement It is undoubtedly one of the fundamental objectives. To achieve this goal we can rely on different alternatives, among which are the Plans of Secured Insurance (PPA) and the Individual Plans of Systematic Savings (PIAS) , two options that may seem similar, but have important differences.

Differences and advantages of a PPA against a PIAS

Image result for differences

The PIAS were created with the fiscal reform of 2007 with the aim of promoting long-term savings and within this end, but not only, also be able to supplement pensions. While the Retirement Plans among which are the PPAs this is their sole purpose.

Although they may coincide in this objective, the differences are important, the most important, taxation. The contributions to the PPA allow to reduce the tax base of the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) with a maximum of 8,000 euros or 30% of the net income from personal work and economic activities (the lesser of both), in the PIAS does not have this fiscal benefit. In return the tax advantages of the PIAS are produced at the time of the rescue, but with an important limitation, to obtain it must be in the form of life annuity and provided that their rescue has not occurred before 5 years of the constitution of the product .

In theory, PIAS are liquid products, which can be rescued at any time, although the reality of many products is very different, since they have high cancellation fees in the first years, which can even penalize 20% of the contributions . In addition, the rescue conditions of a PPA are not as rigid. On the one hand, there are special circumstances such as long-term unemployment or serious illness, but on the other hand, since February 2018 the royal decree has been approved that allows recovering all or part of what has been saved after 10 years of contribution and which can be accessed from the year 2025. A measure that improves the liquidity and attractiveness of PPA and Pension Plans .

Another disadvantage of the PIAS is its lower flexibility when it comes to changing your investment. In the PIAS, it is not possible to transfer for another product without cost, as if it occurs in a PPA that adapts much better to our variations of circumstances.

Finally, we must not forget how they invest these products. A PIAS can be a product without risk, with guaranteed profitability, but also in another type of PIAS whose profitability is not guaranteed nor the capital or contributions you make.

On the other hand, PPAs like the one offered by Aegon guarantee you the capital so you only have to worry about making contributions to get that capital or income that guarantees your pension.


Image result for cdtiThis instrument is co-financed by the Plurirregional Operational Program of Spain 2014-2020 and is intended for LIC A, LIC and Strategic R & D projects. This will help boost and promote R & D & i activities led by companies and support the creation and consolidation of innovative companies.

The financial aid will be linked to:

  • Strategic R & D : the consolidation of activities and R & D teams with a commitment to long-term investment that guarantees the innovative capacity of the company.
  • LICAs : the acquisition of assets, both tangible and intangible, framed in an innovative project.
  • LICs : the development of innovative activities with a general character, applied and close to the market within an innovative project.


How to manage your mortgage during a divorce

You can divorce your partner but unfortunately you can not divorce your mortgage. And just like your partner, your mortgage will take what’s right for you. One of the most stressful issues, when you go through a breakup or divorce, is the common debt. When getting a divorce, couples will not only divide the property, but they will also divide the responsibilities. Your mortgage is usually your biggest responsibility and should be managed fairly despite the conflicts that occur at home. Your mortgage lender does not care about your arguments and relationship issues. So put your emotions aside and handle the financial problems at your fingertips.

When buying your first home and putting your two names on a mortgage, couples almost never think how they will divide it if conflicts arise and the relationship fails. If you find yourself in such a situation, this article will help you decide how to divide your mortgage fairly.

Determine the value of the house

 Determine the value of the house

Before deciding what to do with your property and how you will divide the mortgage, you and your spouse need to determine the value of your home. Your house is probably your biggest asset and your most expensive debt, which makes it very difficult to divide. A real estate agent or appraiser could provide you with a detailed assessment of your home and how much it is worth. Once you have this value, subtract the balance owing on the mortgage, and you will get the current value or amount of capital related to your home. You and your spouse remain fully liable for the mortgage unless you sell the property or choose to refinance it. If you can not choose these options, explore the others carefully as they are very limited.



Sell ​​the house

Image result for sell the houseThe simplest way to manage the splitting of a mortgage is to sell the house. The divorced couple should sell their property, pay the mortgage, and continue with their own separate lives. A divorce is a pretty sad period as it is. Instead of putting more energy into slowly paying off the mortgage, sell the house right away and you will not have to worry about accrued interest charges. Even if your mortgage is worth more than your house (short sale), the money from the sale of the property could be used to pay off part of the mortgage. Although a short sale may affect the credit rating of both members, it may be preferable to keep the mortgage in certain situations. Sometimes the bank will even agree to release the borrowers with the difference to be paid during the short sale. Also, do not wait until the last minute to sell your house. If you think things are not working that there is a possibility that you have to take a break or separate from your partner, make sure you give yourself enough time so that you can sell your house for the amount that wish you. If you sell in a hurry, you will not get the money you want.



Another way to split the mortgage of a divorce couple is to refinance the mortgage under the name of one of the spouses. This is a practical but expensive solution as one spouse manages to keep the house, but costs are incurred to reorganize the mortgage. Refinancing your mortgage includes paying legal fees, appraisal fees, and possibly vacation expenses from your current lender. Thus, even if the refinancing is favorable, several costs can accumulate quickly. Since divorces are quite expensive as they are, it may not be in your best interest to spend even more money on refinancing. So make sure you with the money to refinance if that’s what you plan on doing.

Know that this option is not the best for everyone. Whoever keeps the house must meet certain criteria in order to prove that he can handle the mortgage debt by himself.

  • The couple must be up to date with their mortgage payments
  • At least one spouse must have good credit and sufficient income (you can not qualify for refinancing unless you have a positive credit rating, credit history and sufficient income).
  • One spouse agrees to leave the home to another. Once again, this may not be the best solution for you because of the demanding criteria and maintenance issues. Usually, it is very difficult for a single spouse to maintain a house. If you are struggling to get home with one income, do not refinance it. Instead, ask yourself if you can afford this house with an individual income.

Keep the house with the name of both spouses on the mortgage

Keep the house with the name of both spouses on the mortgage

This option is always a possibility, but usually a last resort. If you and your spouse can not make an agreement and can not sell or refinance the house, then you could keep the house with both names on the mortgage, while one of them moves. It is also the least favorable choice because the couple will have to fully report mortgage payments and other home-related costs on any future loan or credit application. This could prevent them from receiving another mortgage, thus hindering future financial needs.

Be responsible

Even if you are going through a tragic and emotionally difficult time in your life, it is still very important to stay on top of your finances. This means keeping a positive credit rating and credit history. Make sure you make payments on time and in full to maintain a high credit rating. Be responsible for your finances during this time and you will have access to better options for splitting your mortgage.

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Thank you letter from Kathy




Just a quick note to thank you so much for all your help arranging the accommodation and transfers for my trip to Cape Town.  I was really impressed with the reliability and friendliness of the staff who met me and drove the transfer vehicles.  Your service was excellent in the preplanning stages, and the little touches like checking about agreed departure times, ensured everything ran  smoothly.

Stellenbosh was a delightful little town to spend a few days and a perfect place for some quiet shopping and good food.

But the most charming find of all was the little Wild Mushroom Guest House.  The guest house is perfectly located in the center of Stellenbosh.  Wynand and his staff were so hospitable and the apartment decorations extremely fresh, new and cosmopolitan.  Breakfast at the Wild Mushroom has to be experienced.  It includes a spread of cold collations and hot food cooked to your order, with of course the accompaniment of a service of a variety of freshly cooked mushrooms – specialty of the Wild Mushroom Academy.  Thanks for recommending this place, I’d certainly recommend it to others.


Regards, Kathy